Build a more strategic team in less time

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Train your team without sacrificing your schedule

We all want a more strategic team – but teaching strategy through 1:1 mentorship is difficult and time-consuming. We take it off your plate by training your team in a fast, hands-on format they’ll use the next day.

88% of students complete work projects with Section sticky note

What your team will learn

Business core

The essential skills of top performers, usually taught at consulting firms, business schools, or haphazardly on the job


The skills required to lead high-performing teams, from people management to strategy

Marketing strategy

Strategies that make markets and generate demand

Product strategy

Strategies to build winning products that drive acquisition and retention

How we teach

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Every course is between 2 hours and 2 weeks, so you get to impact quickly

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70% completion rate, so they’ll actually use the tool you’re giving them

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90% of students apply what they’ve learned to your business priorities within 90 days

Need to see it for yourself?

How companies use Section

Turn managers into leaders 

Trained new hires on storytelling and presentation

Prevented attrition among high performers

Scott Ramsay, Director of Strategic Projects, Publicis

“Section has been a cornerstone of our high-performer program. The breadth of learning works whether you’re doubling down on your specialty or growing into a completely new area.”

Deploy leadership training at scale

Trained the full marketing team in business and marketing strategy 

Taught all marketing and communications managers coaching skills

John Moloney, Former CCO, Automotive Division, Bose

“The learning model Section deployed has allowed us to scale around the world. It’s spread like wildfire, and people are super excited, from the top to the bottom of the organization.”

Impact business priorities 

Taught teams how to advise their clients on tough strategic issues

Revamped education materials for a post-COVID world

Mike Gordon, CCO, Global 

“We’re turning Section projects into transformational programs. Why pay external consultants when we’re sitting on a minefield of talent?”

Drive digital transformation

Inspired internal innovation projects and new solutions 

Fueled bigger ideas using Section as a shark tank

Chris Plasser, Global Head, New Ventures, EY

“I have heard nothing but highly positive feedback from everyone who has taken a Section offering. It’s a small investment of time that gives back multiple times over.”

Want to get your L&D leaders and DEI team on board?

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