January 25, 2024

Note from Greg about phishing attempt

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The following is a note from Section CEO Greg Shove, sent to all Section members on January 25.

Section community,

As you may know, yesterday Section and Prof G (Scott Galloway) were targeted by a sophisticated phishing scheme that compromised one of our email accounts. If you are a No Mercy No Malice (Scott’s newsletter) subscriber, you likely received a phishing email “from” Section4, advertising a fake partnership with Rabbit AI in order to get your credit card information or get you to install malware on your computer.

Please note: The main Section email account and member database were not affected, so this will not have affected Section members unless you are a No Mercy No Malice newsletter subscriber.

First, I’d like to sincerely apologize for this, especially if your personal information was compromised. We take your privacy seriously and have taken additional steps to protect our email accounts from future attacks. If you gave your credit card information, please contact your bank immediately; if you downloaded anything to your computer, please delete it, back up your data, and consider changing your passwords. We are working directly with those whose credit card information was compromised – if this is you, please email me directly at greg@sectionschool.com

Second, Section will never send you an email asking you to log in or give your payment info to any site other than sectionschool.com. If you receive an email from us that you find suspicious, don’t hesitate to send it to help@sectionschool.com

Our members and alumni were some of the first to notice and flag this phishing attempt, and I’m grateful for that. I’m so sorry for any trouble this has caused you, and thank you for your help and patience this week. 


Greg Shove
Greg Shove, CEO