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Mentor the next generation of business leaders as a Section teacher
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We’re looking for smart, energizing business experts to join our faculty. Teach with us, and join leaders from groundbreaking companies who are changing the way business is taught worldwide.

Why teach with Section?

Democratize business education with the business school for the next decade
Impact the lives and careers of future leaders
Share your expertise with a highly engaged group of learners
Build your personal brand, grow your network, and promote your book (or get inspired to write one)

What our ideal teacher looks like

heart shaped post it that reads 100

You’ve walked the walk

Whatever your area of expertise, you’ve done it in the real world – either at a company or through your academic career.

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You’ve got a proven framework (or the start of one)

You have a repeatable, step-by-step methodology that students can put to work right away.

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You’re engaging

You know how to keep students awake, interested, and excited to interact.

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You have a little extra time

This is perhaps the rarest quality in our ideal instructor! You should have at least six hours to dedicate to building a course with us.

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What we teach

Business core

Indispensable skills that help students accelerate their careers


Skills and strategies to lead high-performing teams

Marketing strategy

Strategies to make markets and generate demand

Product strategy

Strategies to build user-first products that win

What our courses look like


hour workshops


week sprints



Mix of

lecture, discussion, and hands-on application

Think you could be our next teacher? Let’s talk.