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How we work

We put the student outcome first

Students come to us for education, but leave talking about the experience: intense, energizing, authentic, affirming. We think of our students’ goals first, and work backwards from there to make them a reality.

We live and breathe data

We constantly use data to evaluate our performance and vet our ideas. We’re always iterating on our ideas based on the insights we gather from the data.

We take leaps of faith

We know that success requires risk taking. We use data to take us 80% of the way there, but we have the courage to make big bets ourselves.

We get to V1 fast

We diagnose problems or opportunities fast, take ownership, and then move quickly to the first step. We make progress by winning (and failing) fast.

We work high-low

We set strategy at 10,000 feet (high), and then zoom into 10 feet to execute (low).

We live in reality

Our team’s success is built on transparency. Understanding the truth of each situation helps us improve and grow.

We win and lose together

We are a team. We win and lose as one, and we celebrate and mourn together. 

Benefits and perks

Fully remote

We work from home, so we’ll see you on Zoom – no need to do the dishes first.

Flexible PTO

We offer flexible PTO and 13 company-wide holidays – no checking Slack while you’re out.

Tuition matching

We’ll match $500 annually toward education (and if you want more, just ask).

Equity options

Our team members are stakeholders in our company and our vision.

Comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage

For you and your family.