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Fall 2024

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Lead your team through the age of AI

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a competitive advantage with AI – before everyone else figures it out.

We’ll help you get comfortable using AI in day-to-day work, integrate AI into your team strategy, and start leveraging AI for problems big and small. All in eight weeks.

8-week Mini-MBA

3-5 hours per week with an ambitious 100-person cohort

Live and on-demand lessons

on prompting, AI use cases, team buy-in, and more 

Hands-on project

to apply AI to your workflows and processes immediatley

Here's how we'll get you in the Al Class


Understand what led to this breakthrough, and learn key terminology to “talk the talk” with AI experts

Set up your custom LLM, learn to write effecitive prompts, and put AI to work in three core use cases

Unlock AI’s power as your co-strategist and audit your team’s workflows for where AI can play a role

Unlock AI’s power as your co-strategist and audit your team’s workflows for where AI can play a role

You'll walk away with:

The ability to convince others of generative AI's importance

Prompts you can use right away for more effective and efficient output

A framework for using AI in your personal, day-to-day workflows and decision-making

A plan to integrate AI into your department strategy

You’ll learn to avoid common mistakes like:

Failing to get organizational buy-in for your initiatives

Adopting shiny new AI tools without developing a broader strategy

Writing off the technology the first time it doesn’t work

Basing your AI project or product on a flawed business model

Join us for an exhilarating eight weeks, and walk away with a plan you can use immediately

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Who it’s perfect for


looking to use AI to optimize their workflows and strategic thinking

Functional heads

looking to embed AI in their team’s workflows or product


that need to evangelize AI to their teams and organizations

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Who it’s not for


 looking to build an AI-powered bot 


 looking for a job as prompt engineer

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