Certificate program: 5 courses

Become a strategic leader

There are a billion books about leadership, but very few opportunities for hands-on practice. In five courses, we’ll help you build essential leadership skills like strategic planning, problem-solving, and people management. Just don’t forget us when you’re in the C-suite.

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How the program is structured


The courses

Select five courses from the list below. You can enroll in upcoming live sessions or take courses on demand.

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the project

Each course will challenge you to apply your thinking with a project that will receive optional feedback from a TA

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the certificate

Bring your learnings together and receive a certificate to honor your accomplishment

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Pick any five courses

Set strategy

Eric Kim

Investor Mindset

with Eric Kim
Learn more
Scott Galloway

Business Strategy

with Scott Galloway
Learn more
Sara Lobkovich

Strategic Planning

with Sara Lobkovich
Learn more
Greg Shove

Recession Proofing Your Business

with Greg Shove
Learn more

Lead teams

Michael Bungay Stanier

Complete Manager

with Michael Bungay Stanier
Learn more

Influence the organization

Sarah Norman

Data Storytelling

with Sarah Evangeline Norman
Learn more
Will Storr

Storytelling for Influence

with Will Storr
Learn more

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Business core

Learn essential business skills to accelerate your career quickly

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Strategic leader

Learn to drive outsized impact and influence inside your organization

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Marketing strategist

Learn the strategies and skills to build markets and generate demand

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Product strategist

Learn to plan, experiment, launch, and monetize winning products

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Digital strategist

Learn to transform your business and unlock growth in the digital age

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