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Strategic training for every leader, not just execs
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The cutting-edge skills every leader needs to master

MBAs only serve the few. Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are full of boring content.

Your team needs a better option. An energizing, affordable business school that teaches the strategic skills that will actually matter in business over the next 10 years.

Not just education for your execs – strategic training for every emerging leader in your organization.

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Business core

The fundamental principles of business – for everyone who didn’t go to business school or needs a refresher


The skills it takes to lead a company, whether you’re managing a team or a $100M budget

Marketing strategy

The new marketing strategies that separate winners from losers, taught by the winners themselves

Product strategy

The design, development, and engagement strategies that put customers first

Taught by the leaders who have done it

Gibson Biddle

Gibson Biddle

Pioneered personalized recommendations in streaming

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Sarah Norman

Sarah Norman

Leads the sales team at the world’s largest advertiser

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Jennie Tung
Bain and Company logo

Jennie Tung

Created Bain Academy to turn managers into leaders

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Nicole Alexander

Nicole Alexander

Leads 100+ marketers at Meta’s largest marketing channel

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A learning experience built to thrill your team

We knew the current options were putting people to sleep, so we rethought how learning is done. Our experience borrows tactics from Netflix, Peloton, and Apple to keep students hooked.

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Every course is between 1 hour and 2 weeks, and learnings are applied right away to your business

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We run 8-10 live courses a month with average 70% completion rates and average 70 NPS

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In a group

Your team is placed in a cohort with other ambitious professionals from top companies

Need to see it for yourself?

Designed with your ROI in mind

We’re not about learning for the sake of learning. Every course is designed to impact your work right away – often before the course is over.

Business impact

88% of Section students complete projects designed around their actual work

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Employee engagement

70% completion rates, 10x higher than our closest competitors

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Increased morale

70 NPS, on par with brands like Warby Parker, Starbucks, and Netflix

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Really heart

Built to scale across your organization

Track your team’s progress

with engagement and learning outcomes reporting

Onboard large groups seamlessly

with a simple registration process that takes the work off your plate

Impress teams across the globe

with high production values and an enterprise-grade platform

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How companies use Section

Turn managers into leaders 

Trained new hires on storytelling and presentation

Prevented attrition among high performers

Scott Ramsay, Director of Strategic Projects, Publicis

“Section has been a cornerstone of our high-performer program. The breadth of learning works whether you’re doubling down on your specialty or growing into a completely new area.”

Deploy leadership training at scale

Trained the full marketing team in business and marketing strategy 

Taught all marketing and communications managers coaching skills

John Moloney, Former CCO, Automotive Division, Bose

“The learning model Section deployed has allowed us to scale around the world. It’s spread like wildfire, and people are super excited, from the top to the bottom of the organization.”

Impact business priorities 

Taught teams how to advise their clients on tough strategic issues

Revamped education materials for a post-COVID world

Mike Gordon, CCO, Global 

“We’re turning Section projects into transformational programs. Why pay external consultants when we’re sitting on a minefield of talent?”

Drive digital transformation

Inspired internal innovation projects and new solutions 

Fueled bigger ideas using Section as a shark tank

Chris Plasser, Global Head, New Ventures, EY

“I have heard nothing but highly positive feedback from everyone who has taken a Section offering. It’s a small investment of time that gives back multiple times over.”

Want to get your department leads and DEI team on board?

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