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Become a modern marketing leader in eight weeks
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Become a modern marketing leader in
eight weeks

Marketing in 2024 is a whole new world. Ad prices have soared, TikTok has 1 billion active users, and ChatGPT is building websites and writing blog posts.

To lead a marketing team in the next 10 years, you need to adapt fast. We’ll teach you to understand the modern drivers of business growth – and how to pull each lever to influence your business goals. 

8-week Mini-MBA

(3-5 hours per week)

Intensive courses

with marketing experts like Scott Galloway

Live sessions

on paid growth, AI, new marketing channels, and more

Strategic recommendations

you can use immediately at work

Lifetime access

to a 100-person cohort of ambitious marketers

You'll walk away with:

Mastery of the modern marketing landscape

A strategic recommendation for your own business 

A network of potential partners and clients

You’ll learn to avoid common mistakes like:

Throwing your money away on ads that aren’t working

Investing in every channel rather than optimizing those that work

Shying away from new technology because it’s scary

Join us for an exhilarating eight weeks, and walk away with a plan you can use immediately

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Who it’s perfect for

Marketers w/ at least 5 years of experience

who want to move into a leadership position

interest in marketing

who want to broaden their skillset and work more closely with marketing

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Who it’s not for


and other highly experienced marketing leaders

Marketers with less than five years of experience 

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Still have questions?

Are there any prerequisites for joining the Marketing Mini-MBA?
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There are no prerequisites, but to get the most value from the course, we recommend that you have around five years of marketing experience.

Will you run future cohorts of the Marketing Mini-MBA?
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We plan to run the Marketing Mini-MBA twice a year.

How will the content be delivered? Are sessions live or self-paced?
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A combination: Every week, you will get pre-recorded video lessons on the topic of the week, as well as a weekly live session on a hot topic in marketing today. You will also get one live Q&A with Scott Galloway. 

Does the Mini-MBA offer 1:1 coaching?
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Yes. There will be career coaching available to participants.

Should I join the Marketing Mini-MBA if I’m already a member?
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If you have taken many of the courses in Section’s marketing stack (i.e., Brand Strategy, Positioning, Growth Marketing, Retention Strategy, and Proving Business Value), we recommend you sit this one out. However, the Marketing Mini-MBA will also include weekly live sessions on modern marketing trends like AI, new social channels, and more, plus dedicated time with Scott Galloway and a dedicated project – so members can definitely get a huge amount of value from it.

How much time will I need to dedicate to the Marketing Mini-MBA?
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We estimate 3-5 hours per week, with 1 hour being a scheduled, live session and 4 hours being solo work.

Will there be networking opportunities as part of the Marketing Mini-MBA?
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Yes. You will be placed in a cohort of 100 ambitious marketers, then further divided into smaller cohorts of 10 based on similar backgrounds, industries, and roles. You will have lots of opportunity to discuss and workshop your ideas with people who share your challenges.

What kind of outcome can I expect from the Marketing Mini-MBA?
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You will leave the Mini-MBA with a holistic understanding of the modern marketing mix and the levers you can pull to drive growth at your organization. You’ll also put together a marketing initiative for your team that you can implement right away at work.

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