The Executive’s Guide to Generative AI

Everything you need to know about how AI works, how AI can augment your workforce, and how to create an AI strategy that brings your company into the future.

How the tool works

The factors pushing AI forward, faster

AI isn’t bitcoin or crypto – it’s here to stay. Understand what’s fueling the rise of AI so you can speak persuasively about it to your stakeholders and employees.

The basics of how AI works

We cover the Silicon Valley jargon you need to know to “talk the talk,” and the bare minimum tech you need to understand to start using AI today.

Mastering AI for your own work

This isn’t an endless list of AI prompts from LinkedIn. We’ll teach you a six-step prompting approach and give you strategic executive use cases you can put to work right away.

Building your AI business strategy

Your AI business strategy will depend on your company’s readiness. Follow our framework to understand if you should be optimizing workflows, accelerating your product roadmap, or transforming your business model (or all three).

Setting an AI policy (and handling pushback)

Anticipate and have a plan for AI’s weaknesses – hallucinations, biases, and more. We’ll coach you through setting an AI policy and dealing with employee pushback.

Look at you grow.
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