Earn your Mini-MBA in 8 weeks

dive deep into a specialty and leave with a plan you can put to work
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Earn your Mini-MBA in eight weeks

If you want to master a discipline like marketing or AI, our Mini-MBAs are the fast track to do it. In eight weeks, you'll learn essential skills from the best leaders in business, culminating with a business recommendation you can take to your boss or leadership team.

What to expect from our MINI-MBAs
Eight weeks of hands-on courses and live lectures in your chosen discipline
Project to apply your learnings to a real-life business plan
Live feedback from TAs, community managers, and an ambitious 100-person cohort
Mini-MBA certificate of completion for LinkedIn

Choose a Mini-MBA to get started

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AI for Business Mini-MBA

Get comfortable using AI in day-to-day work, integrate AI into your team strategy, and start leveraging AI for problems big and small. All in eight weeks.

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Marketing Mini-MBA

To lead a marketing team in the next 10 years, you need to adapt fast. We’ll teach you to understand the modern drivers of business growth – and how to pull each lever to influence your business goals.

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Modern Mini-MBA

Master the skills that every high performer shares, from financial fluency and data analysis to public speaking. Most people take years to learn these. For you, two months.

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