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June 24 - August 16

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Prototype an AI product in 8 weeks

As a product pro or GM, you know AI can accelerate your product strategy. But where to start? In this hands-on, intensive 8-week bootcamp, you’ll infuse AI into your product roadmap, prioritize products based on effort and output, and prototype an AI product or feature.

You'll leave with an AI prototype to demo, share with stakeholders, pilot, and (eventually) launch. All in eight weeks.

Note: Students must have access to ChatGPT Plus (the paid version of ChatGPT).

8-week bootcamp

(3-5 hours per week)

Weekly video lessons

on designing, testing, and piloting your new product

Weekly office hours

with Section's AI expert

Live lectures

with product leaders building AI products right now

Lifetime access

to a 100-person cohort of AI builders

AI-powered product prototpe

you can move forward immediately

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Who it’s perfect for


who want to create a V1 prototype for an AI-powered product


responsible for integrating AI into their product strategy


reponsible for ideating and building AI products or features

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Who it’s not for


looking to gain general knowledge on artificial intelligence, LLMs, and prompting – this program goes beyond the basics


looking to build AI products on top of APIs or open source models (this is a no-code experience)

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What our students say

Have questions?

How many hours should I expect to dedicate to the Mini-MBA?
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We've designed the Mini-MBA to take about 3-5 hours per week. This will include a weekly live lecture, which you will also get access to on demand.

What will we be using to build our AI products?
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We will be building our AI prototypes using Custom GPT, so all student must have access to ChatGPT Plus. Our AI expert is happy to provide additional guidance on expanding your AI product outside Custom GPT after the program.

Do I have to come to the Mini-MBA with an idea for an AI product? 
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Not at all. We will spend the first week infusing your existing product strategy with AI, and prioritizing products that enhance growth, engagement, or monetization (depending on your business' priorities). If you have ideas, that's great, but otherwise we will help you come up with them.

I don't have any AI experience. Is that okay?
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We recommend coming to the Mini-MBA with prompting experience. You can get familiar with AI prompting in our 2-hour AI workshops.

I don't have ChatGPT Plus, but I do have Microsoft Copilot. Will that work?
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Microsoft Copilot is a more limited experience than ChatGPT Plus, but you can complete this program with just Copilot. We recommend ChatGPT Plus for more extensive features.

I'm an existing Section member. Should I take this program?
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While this program borrows content from existing courses like Product Strategy and Building a No-Code AI Bot, we're building it to feel new and uniquely useful to members and non-members alike. We'd love to see you there.

I'm not a product manager. Should I take this program?
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This program is for anyone who has influence over their product roadmap. At a large organization, that could be limited to product managers, but we invite any founders, executives, marketers, strategists, etc. who can influence the product roadmap.

What will I leave the program with?
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You'll leave with a prototype for your AI product or feature, as well as a plan that covers how you'll test, implement, and scale your AI product. We'll also help you build a demo and presentation to share with key stakeholders.

Does this program come with a certification?
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Yes - if you complete the program and submit your final project, you will receive a Build an AI Product Mini-MBA certification to share on your resume and LinkedIn.

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