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Level up and lead in five courses

You don’t need a fancy degree to do great work. Our certificate programs are designed to build your strategic ability quickly. In five courses, you’ll gain foundational strategy skills in your area of choice, then build your specialization through a range of electives.

What to expect from our certificate programs
Five courses in your chosen specialty, ranging from two hours to two weeks in length
Projects to apply what you learn at the end of each course
Live feedback on your work from our expert TAs throughout the program
Certificate of completion

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All certificate programs are included in Section membership

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AI class member

Make AI your competitive advantage

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Strategic Communicator

Learn to drive action when you speak, write, and present

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Business core

Learn essential business skills to accelerate your career quickly

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Digital strategist

Learn to transform your business and unlock growth in the digital age

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Strategic leader

Learn to drive outsized impact and influence inside your organization

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Product strategist

Learn to plan, experiment, launch, and monetize winning products

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Marketing strategist

Learn the strategies and skills to build markets and generate demand

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Still have questions?

What do I get when I complete an Section certificate program?
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When you complete your Section program, you earn a branded certificate to share on LinkedIn and build a strategic recommendation for your business.

Can I take more than one certificate program at once?
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We recommend taking one program at a time so you can focus your thinking – but if you’re an overachiever, yes, you can take them simultaneously!

Will I also receive badges for all the courses I take as part of my certificate program?
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Yep – you’ll walk away from each program with a badge for each course and a certificate for the program as a whole.

Who will be giving feedback on my projects?
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You’ll receive project feedback from our seasoned TAs, who hail from companies like HBO, Microsoft, Snap, Coca-Cola, and Insider (just to name a few). 

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