AI for Executives
Crash Course


Learn to "talk the talk" to your employees and stakeholders, build an AI strategy for your organization, and lead the way as an early adopter. All in 10 days.


What’s included in the AI for Executives Crash Course


How Top Executives Approach AI

1-hour, executive-level lecture on how every executive should be thinking about AI

Your go-to "talk track" on how AI will affect your category, business, and workforce

Tips for overcoming pushback from employees and anticipating AI's weaknesses

Available live and on demand


Generative AI Business Strategy

2-hour workshop on evaluating your business' AI readiness and building a cohesive AI strategy

Proprietary optimize / accelerate / transform, framework used by hundreds of top executives in 2024

Available live and on demand


AI for Personal Productivity

2-hour workshop on building AI into your daily workflows

Guide to audit your executive workflows for areas AI can pitch in

Step-by-step process to build an AI habit that sticks

Available live and on demand


Dedicated time with a seasoned AI expert

Group office hours with an AI consultant

Feedback on adopting AI in your organization, building an AI strategy, and your other thorny questions on AI  

Build your executive AI strategy in 10 days


What our students say