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July 9, 2024
12-2 p.m. US ET
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Use AI as your thought partner

You already know that AI is great at proofreading your emails and summarizing reports, but it can do so much more than just drudge work. We’ll teach you a four-part framework to go beyond using AI for simple tasks and start using it as a thought partner to make stronger, more strategic decisions.

Understand the roles AI can play in decision-making

We’ll show you how AI can help you find facts, plan scenarios, pressure test ideas, and roleplay as different stakeholders like your client or your CEO.

Identify the right problems to enlist AI's help

You wouldn’t use the same process to decide which vertical to invest in as you would to prepare for your next board meeting. We’ll teach you criteria to evaluate which decisions will benefit the most from AI input.

Write prompts that generate strategic feedback

It can be intimidating to trust AI tools to help you make decisions that impact your business. We’ll help you hone your prompt-writing skills to generate outputs you can feel confident in.

Choose the right LLM for strategic work

ChatGPT, Claude, and Copilot aren't all equal. We'll teach you the best LLM for each strategic use case, so you can pick the right one (and only pay for what you need).